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18-25 June 2023

Leadership Development Course


The PA Wing Leadership Development Course (LDC) is an intermediate-level professional development course for emerging cadets in the CAP Cadet Program. The purpose of the school is to bridge the gap between the entry-level followership skills taught in Encampment and the advanced leadership theory taught in the Region Cadet Leadership School and Cadet Officer School programs.  LDC teaches cadets to be "first line supervisors" and conveys key leadership concepts for leadership at the Flight Sergeant and Flight Commander levels.

Completion of LDC allows graduates to apply for the following cadet cadre positions at CTS sponsored cadet programs: BCOP, NCOA, JOTC, ENC, and LDC.  As of 2015, this course now meets the requirements for credit as an Advanced Student at Encampment, allowing graduates to wear the bronze clap on the Encampment Ribbon.

While LDC is not a replacement for, nor does it meet the Cadet Program requirements of RCLS/COS for the Eaker Award, it provides cadets an opportunity to hone their initial leadership skills in a much more hands-on environment through practical leadership training in preparation for continued academic training in RCLS.  This school is offered annually during the Summer Cadet Training Schools.

  • Graduate of Basic Encampment
  • Minimum grade of Cadet Staff Sergeant
  • Squadron Commander's approval
Course Fee

$225 - Includes meals and lodging 

** Payment will be managed outside of the registration system**


Fort Indiantown Gap

Annville, PA


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