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18-25 June 2023

PA Wing STEM Academy

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PAWG CTS will once again host our popular Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) Academy that covers four core subjects:  Rocketry, Space & Astronomy, Cyberspace, and Robotics.  Emphasis is placed on ensuring as much “hands-on” learning as possible be incorporated into the curriculum.


Our goal is to provide academic and laboratory learning for each of these core STEM subjects.  In addition to introducing cadets to each subject material, we also focus on opportunities where cadets can eventually enter these career fields and other avenues where cadets can pursue specialized education.

Industry and governmental leaders in STEM related fields regularly participate as guests speakers and contributors, offering their advice and insights, making the


The PA Wing STEM Academy is truly an exciting and valuable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.


STEM Academy cadets are accepted on a case-by-case basis given their application materials and space available for the course.

Due to limited seating availability, STEMA has additional application requirements that are required to be completed prior to your registration being accepted.  Please read the following instructions carefully as not all cadets who apply to the STEM Academy will be accepted.  At this point in time, you are considered a STEM Academy candidate.

PLEASE NOTE: No payment is due for STEM cadets until their application has been approved.

Step One:  Fill out the CampDoc registration form (link above)

Step Two:  Obtain a signed letter of recommendation from one of your teachers who works with you on a STEM-related subject. The teacher should email you the letter as a PDF. You will be required to upload this PDF when you fill out your supplemental application.

Step Three Obtain a letter of recommendation from your Squadron Commander or their Deputy Commander for Cadets attesting to your ability to handle a rigorous program environment and how you model the CAP core values at your squadron. Please ask your Commander to save it as a PDF file and then email it to you.  You will be required to upload this PDF when you fill out your supplemental application.

Step Four:  

If accepted to STEM Academy, complete supplemental form that you will receive by email.



  • Graduate of Basic Encampment
  • Minimum grade of C/Senior Airman
Course Fee


** Payment will be managed outside of the registration system**


Fort Indiantown Gap, PA


NOTE:  CTS Application Status will not update until after completing the STEM Academy online and supplemental applications in their entirety AND being accepted to attend the school.

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