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20-27 June 2021

Region Cadet Leadership School


Pennsylvania Wing will once again be hosting the Northeast Region Cadet Leadership School (RCLS) this year!

RCLS is designed for Cadet Officers to learn new skills and knowledge they need to be more effective leaders in their home squadrons and wings.  The RCLS blends classroom theory with hands on training to help cadets truly grasp the concepts they are being presented.  There will be daily assignments and group discussions on leadership, ethics, and management.


Cadets will be presented with leadership concepts and challenges and will be expected to solve those challenges.  Classes ranging from Civil Air Patrol & Air Force core values and ethics to management and leadership will be presented.  Cadets will be given daily leadership assignments, both individual and group, that they will have to complete.  


The students that attend the RCLS will be expected to staff themselves, and maintain the highest standards of academic performance and behavior.  The RCLS is academically challenging and the students will have to manage their own time to ensure that they successfully complete RCLS.  The students that attend RCLS are emerging Cadet Officers, and they will be treated as such.


There is one theme that permeates all of RCLS, that is the concept of servant leadership.  It is summed up in the motto “Protelo est Ministro”, which means “to Lead is to Serve”.

Being a graduate of RCLS is one of the requirements for the Eaker Award (C/LtCol).  In addition, PA Wing requires RCLS or LDC graduation in order to staff other PA Wing CTS courses.

For more information on other RCLS opportunities in the Northeast Region, visit

  • Graduate of Basic Encampment
  • Minimum grade of C/Master Sergeant
Course Fee

$150 - Includes meals and lodging 

** Please do not pay in the system until directed to do so by email due to COVID-19 adjustments**


Fort Indiantown Gap

Annville, PA*

**School will be conducted as planned at this time, changes will be communicated by email and other official communications**


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